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What is Corrēctiō?

Corrēctiō is a personalized editorial service that provides our worldwide clients with a wide variety of high-quality services.


Next to English and Mandarin, Spanish is the third most commonly spoken language in the world today. Translating documents accurately has become a necessity for almost any business; this is why we endeavor to perform this task flawlessly.

Scientific & Academic Publishing

Publishing in journals is challenging, especially if your work is not clearly written. Poor English is one of the main reasons for rejection in journals. For this, we proofread and copy-edit any document related to the academic world.

Copy Editing

Copy editing is a craft that seeks —with utmost care— to remove spelling, syntactic and/or semantic mistakes, to enhance the virtues of a text, and to carefully protect the writer’s unique style.


There are often very important printed documents for which a digital back-up is missing or never existed, requiring digitalization. This is among the services we provide.

About Us

Why work with us?


We enjoy our work and we accompany our customers through each stage of the editorial process. Making sure to first understand a customer’s needs, we develop a strategy to construct a tailored product that will exceed all expectations.


We are here to offer comprehensive advice when creating any publication, text, document or written material–digital or printed–that requires careful and detailed examination, going from the conception, maturation and/or evaluation of an idea; through its writing, editing and layout process; all the way to final publication.


Our Services

Copy Editing and Proofreading

Proofreading entails the meticulous spell-checking of a document: punctuation, excess or omitted characters and/or spaces; as well as the proper use of abbreviations, quotation marks, numbers, capitalization, italics and other orthographical marks.


Copy editing is a craft that involves the thorough analysis of a text, while conserving the writer’s own unique style.

Many errors can be invisible to a writer. Because the author sees from within (the same way an eye cannot behold itself), a wide variety of grammatical and syntactic errors are commonly overlooked or missed. We strive to correct such errors in a manner that preserves the style and intended meaning of the writer.

The copy editor, who receives a text as a rough diamond, is responsible for cutting it, polishing it, and turning it into a gem. The copy editor works in the shadows to make the author shine.


We offer this service with the purpose of delivering an impeccably finished end product —a product worthy of pride and satisfaction.

Scientific & Academic Publishing

Academic writing and publishing is becoming increasingly popular. Nowadays, for most academics, scholars and researchers peer review publications are required.


Peer review is necessary to heighten academic quality and is used in most major scholarly journals. It subjects academic or scientific work carried out by an author to the scrutiny of others, also experts in that same field.

It is an essential part of the publication process and helps journals publish only articles that meet their quality standards.


For this, we provide proofreading and copy-editing of scientific and research papers, journal articles, theses and any type of document related to the academic and scientific worlds. We rely on expert editors who hold doctoral and master’s degrees.

We also convert an extensive document—such as a thesis or dissertation—into a concise and straightforward scientific article, ready for presentation.


Prices vary depending on deadline. We offer special discounts for students. And also provide a certificate that a professional proofreader and copy editor has reviewed your document.


Judging from the number of people who use it as their native tongue, Spanish is the world’s second language. For international communications, it is the second most frequently-used language, after English. Spanish has become a necessity at both labor and academic levels.

This is why we offer the highest quality English-Spanish and Spanish-English translation services. We deliver a product with standards of excellence that allow our customers to put their best foot forward.


There are often very important printed documents for which a digital back-up is missing or never existed. Similarly, audios and videos are recorded for important events that require or deserve to be published in a memoir or book.

For this we deliver the transcription service, to provide our customers with an accurate digital transcription of their documents. This service can be complemented with copy editing service in order to obtain a ready-to-publish document.

Editorial Design

Editorial Design handles design, layout and overall composition of publications —digital or printed— and also includes cover design, graphic details in inner pages, and remaining visual elements that produce a striking work.


The layout is the manner in which all written and/or audiovisual content is organized in a given space. Within the editorial process, layout has the essential role of enhancing documents. It distributes texts, images and/or multimedia in a natural way. What emerges is both easier to read and easier on the eye.

These, along with composition, are responsible for the balance and harmony of the visual elements contained in a document. A message can be communicated with greater efficiency and aesthetics.


This service offers our clients thoroughly polished work in terms of design and wording. After getting to know the work of our customers from the very beginning, we can enhance any written document with visual content that highlights the end product, delivering a work that excels.


At Corrēctiō we are looking to improve constantly. If you wish to consult us, need an estimate, find any errors on the website, or you just feel the need to communicate with us; please feel free to do so.


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